In this gallery you will find works that are printed using the Cyanotype* process. My work is constructed out of historical images that carry the label CC0, which means that all copyright restrictions have been lifted. In my artistic practice, I combine and alter these images to create a tension between the forces of reason and un-reason. Within this process, I am exploring and testing the limits of explanation.

* The Cyanotype process is a nineteenth century photographic printing process invented in 1843. The Cyanotype solution is applied to paper with a brush, exposed in the sun and developed in water. The Cyanotype works in this gallery are printed on Saunders Waterford 100% cotton paper at 300GSM. The prints in this gallery are unique and archival.


Prints purchased from this gallery are carefully packed in a tube and send world wide with Australian Post. Please be aware that shipping times can be lengthy due to the Covid 19 pandemic.


Prices shown are in Australian dollars.

1 Australian dollar = US$0.73 (approx)

1 Australian dollar = €0.62 (approx)