Cyanotype workshops

Raimond has regular workshops in the art of making Cyanotypes in and around the Northern Rivers of NSW, and Brisbane. Art of Blue has conducted workshops at The Byron School of Art, Royal Queensland Art Society, The Brisbane Sculpture Society, The Tweed River Gallery, Kingscliff TAFE, Lismore Art Space, Cowper Art Gallery and Studio and the Impress Print Studio Brisbane.


The Cyanotype workshops are educational, hands on and a lot of fun. They are designed to introduce participants to this fascinating and historical printing process.


To create a Cyanotype, no specialized equipment is needed, the prints are exposed in sun-light and rinsed in tap water. Prints can be made on a variety of surfaces and materials such as water-colour paper, cotton paper, silk, calico and linen.

Prints can be made from plant and flower cuttings, lace or other diaphanous material. Black and white negatives work really well too. The Cyanotype process can be used to create bespoke cards, wall hangings or books. The creative possibilities are endless.


Workshops consist of an introductory lecture about how the Cyanotype came about and where it is situated in the history of photography. Lots of visual examples are shown to get the creative juices flowing. The participants then embark on creating their very own Cyanotype prints and will exit the workshop with a collection of beautiful hand-printed works.

Cyanotype workshops
Cyanotype workshops
Cyanotype workshops

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