Welcome to Raimond de Weerdt Art of Blue

Raimond de Weerdt is an artist and educator working with digital media,19th century photographic processes and video. Raimond's contemporary art is an ode to the world and its mysteries. He is fascinated by the human condition and his work explores our existential relationship we have with representations that shape our imaginary and metaphysical world. Raimond’s Cyanotype prints are enigmatic and at times surreal. His work is a compilation of photographs and images from different times and continents that weave together a tapestry of visual experiences that he shares with those who appreciate his vision. His limited edition prints are unique and hand crafted. He studied at Sydney College of the Arts with a major in photography. After working as a commercial photographer in Amsterdam for a number of years he returned to Australia and completed a MA in Digital Art at College of Fine Arts in Sydney. Raimond resides in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.
Tel: 0400141713

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